Set in Charlotte: A breakdown of all the movies, TV series, and other productions filmed in the Queen City

Summer is almost here and for many that means it’s time to head to the movies, either to catch the latest spectacular blockbuster or just to cool off in an air conditioned auditorium with a bunch of strangers.

And given that North Carolina has become an increasingly popular filming location over the last several years, there’s a pretty good chance that some of the movies you’ll enjoy this summer were at least partly filmed in the Tar Heel State.

According to the internet movie database (IMDB), there have been 2,251 productions filmed in North Carolina since the early 1960’s, with most (93%) occurring since 1990. Among these productions, approximately 673 have been feature films. Some of the most notable include The Last of the Mohicans (1992; Asheville, NC, Blue Ridge Mountains, NC, & Chimney Rock, NC), Forrest Gump (1994; Asheville, NC & Linville, NC), The Green Mile (1999; Blue Ridge Mountains, NC & Blowing Rock, NC), and more recently The Hunger Games (2012; Asheville, NC, Concord, NC, & Charlotte, NC, among others) and Iron Man 3 (Cary, NC & Wilmington, NC, among others).

But how many of the productions filmed in North Carolina were specifically filmed right here in Charlotte, and how has the entertainment production scene in our city changed in recent decades? (more…)