Huffington Post

Is Charlotte really all that weird? A look at percentage of residents born in the same state.

The Huffington Post recently published an article called 15 Reasons Why Charlotte is the Weirdest.

Although the article is probably not meant to be taken entirely seriously (at least that’s my hope, otherwise it’s pretty poorly written piece full of cherry-picked criticisms and unsubstantiated claims), it generated quite a response from some Charlotte locals. For instance, Creative Loafing Charlotte quickly published a rebuttal that is partly a critique and criticism of the original Huffington Post piece and partly a listing of what they at CLC regard as some of the more legitimate quirks of our city.

Given the largely negative response this article elicited throughout much of Charlotte, we thought it would be interesting to take a deeper look into some of the points the author raised and to “fact-check” each of the claims for which we can find available and relevant data (some points the author raises, such as the fact that Downtown is called Uptown, can’t necessarily be disputed with data, so we won’t focus on those…it’s up to you as to whether you think it is “weird” to refer to the center of the city as Uptown rather than Downtown).