Average Salaries for 681 positions at Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools

Earlier this month the Charlotte Observer published their online database of salaries for employees of Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools (CMS).

This searchable database lists the total compensation for 18,515 CMS employees between April 1, 2013 and March 31, 2014, with total compensation defined as “base salary, bonuses, state longevity pay, stipends for extra work and any other source of reportable income earned during that year.”

Although the Observer’s database is helpful for learning what a specific CMS employee earns (a.k.a., snooping) , it’s not quite as helpful for figuring out the average income across all employees with the same job title (e.g., middle school principal, 6th grade teacher, etc.), something that would probably be useful to anyone considering applying for a job at CMS or going into the field of education more generally. And let’s face it, anyone who’s planning on being a teacher in North Carolina these days would do well to be as informed as possible about the current state of affairs in our state before making any serious commitments. Indeed, compared to the rest of the country North Carolina ranks near the bottom in terms of both average as well as starting teacher salary.

So, I compiled the data from the Observer’s CMS salary database and calculated the median income for each position. Distributions are also shown for positions with more than one income value. The distributions reflect what is called the interquartile range – the distance between the 3rd quartile (income value at the 75th percentile) and the first quartile (income value at the 25th percentile).

For points of reference, I’ve also included the median income for men in Charlotte ($38,767, as denoted by the dashed blue line) and the median income for women in Charlotte ($29,218, as denoted by the dashed pink line).

You can view the median incomes and distributions for each position at CMS by clicking on the image below:

cms salaries

Note that the data can be sorted by income (highest to lowest or vice versa) or alphabetically by position. Also, hovering your cursor over a data point will bring up the following information about a position:

  • Position name
  • Count of number of cases (number of CMS employees in this position)
  • Median income
  • 25th percentile
  • 75th percentile