Set in Charlotte: A breakdown of all the movies, TV series, and other productions filmed in the Queen City

Summer is almost here and for many that means it’s time to head to the movies, either to catch the latest spectacular blockbuster or just to cool off in an air conditioned auditorium with a bunch of strangers.

And given that North Carolina has become an increasingly popular filming location over the last several years, there’s a pretty good chance that some of the movies you’ll enjoy this summer were at least partly filmed in the Tar Heel State.

According to the internet movie database (IMDB), there have been 2,251 productions filmed in North Carolina since the early 1960’s, with most (93%) occurring since 1990. Among these productions, approximately 673 have been feature films. Some of the most notable include The Last of the Mohicans (1992; Asheville, NC, Blue Ridge Mountains, NC, & Chimney Rock, NC), Forrest Gump (1994; Asheville, NC & Linville, NC), The Green Mile (1999; Blue Ridge Mountains, NC & Blowing Rock, NC), and more recently The Hunger Games (2012; Asheville, NC, Concord, NC, & Charlotte, NC, among others) and Iron Man 3 (Cary, NC & Wilmington, NC, among others).

But how many of the productions filmed in North Carolina were specifically filmed right here in Charlotte, and how has the entertainment production scene in our city changed in recent decades? (more…)

Is Charlotte Really all that Weird? A Look at Religious Demographics

This is Part 3 of our continuing series fact-checking the Huffington Post article titled, “15 Reasons Why Charlotte is the Weirdest.” If you missed our first two posts, you can read Part 1 by clicking here and Part two by clicking here.

As in our earlier posts, we’ll be taking a look at how Charlotte compares to the other U.S. cities that rank among the top 25 according to population (Charlotte is currently ranked # 17).

In this post, we’ll specifically take a look at data on the religious demographics of our city in order to address the following claim about Charlotte:

Huffington Post Claim: “Everything Is Oddly Evangelical”


Is Charlotte really all that weird? A look at number of notable residents

This is Part 2 of our continuing series investigating the claims made about Charlotte in a recent Huffington Post article titled, “15 Reasons Why Charlotte is the Weirdest.” Click here to read Part 1, in which we investigated the claim that no one currently living in Charlotte is actually from nearby surrounding areas.

In this post, we’re taking a closer look at the following claim:

Huffington Post Claim:

Charlotte has three celebrities (Michael Jordan, Cam Newton, and Ryan Lochte), which makes it relatively easy to stalk spot them around town.


Predicting quality of life in Charlotte neighborhoods

Charlotte is a diverse city comprised of many distinct neighborhoods, from Southend and Dilworth to Plaza Midwood and NoDa among many others. If you’re unfamiliar with the area you can read about some of the unique historical and cultural characteristics of each major neighborhood here. For a more complete list of the approximately 199 neighborhoods in Charlotte, see here.

Although neighborhood descriptions can obviously help one to get a general feel for an area, what would probably be most helpful to someone relocating to Charlotte is a specific prediction about the likelihood of having a high quality of life in the neighborhood they’re considering. (more…)

The 25 most popular places for pizza in Charlotte

NYstyle pizza

New York Style Pizza

We’re back with another Charlotte restaurant analysis, in which we adjust ratings of local businesses on Yelp to take into account the number of reviews upon which those ratings were based.

This time we’ve got a roundup of the top 25 places for Pizza in and around Charlotte, NC. The list is below, and it includes neighborhood and contact information (if available through Yelp) for each business: (more…)

What are the most dangerous roads & intersections in Charlotte?

Traffic is a growing problem in Charlotte and surrounding areas as more and more people relocate to the region. In fact, Mecklenburg County recently reached a milestone when population surpassed 1 million back in September 2013. And it’s been estimated that the county adds around 72 new residents each day.

This got me to wondering where traffic accidents are most likely to occur in our city and which specific intersections might be best to avoid, if at all possible. (more…)

Top 40 Burger Joints in Charlotte

We’re back with our round up of the best places to get burgers in and around Charlotte.

As described in my last post, I’ve made some changes to our statistical model in order to assign greater importance to the number of reviews a restaurant receives on Yelp. These changes should further safeguard against the possibility that restaurants with high ratings based on few reviews are ranked as being superior to restaurants with slightly lower ratings based on a much larger number of reviews.

So, below is our revised list of the top 40 places to get burgers in and around the Charlotte area (click image to enlarge): (more…)