Tar Trek: A new series of posts about science in the “Tar Heel” State

Introducing Tar Trek, a new series of regular posts here on Charlottology dedicated to showcasing and promoting discussion of the latest scientific research going on across the “Tar Heel” State.

Below is a quick rundown on what you can expect to find in this new series…

tar trek logo_2

In each Tar Trek post, I’ll provide a brief overview of the methods and major findings of a scientific study that was carried out at a college or university in North Carolina. I’ll also offer a critique of each study, based on what I see as being the major strengths and weaknesses of the research and based on my assessment of how I think the research could be of practical, real-world importance.

I’ll kick things off shortly in the next few days with a review of a paper published in the field of Cognitive Psychology, given that this is my field of expertise. However, in future posts I hope to delve into other fields of science as my time and understanding of the material permits.

In full disclosure, I should make clear that until now I’ve rarely taken the time to read many scholarly articles that weren’t at least tangentially related to my field. As such, my summaries and critiques of studies from branches of science very far outside my field (e.g., Quantum Physics, Molecular Biology, Chemistry, etc.) might at times be somewhat superficial, at least as I’m starting out here.

Nonetheless, I’ll do my best to communicate all scientific findings as accurately as possible without making too many bone-headed mistakes. That said, I’m bound to get some things wrong when writing about areas of research with which I’m unfamiliar, so feel free to chime in with corrections if you know more about a topic than I do. After all, sharing and discussing the exciting research we have going on in our state is the ultimate goal here.

Stay tuned for more…


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